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Open Your Eyes

When my dad first dragged me to a museum as a teenager, I discovered a whole new world. For the first time, I was really seeing things instead of just looking at them. Later, I was introduced to graphic design through a friend who was studying it at the time, and I immediately knew that it was what I wanted to do. Life got in the way, until several years later I convinced my boss at the time that I needed Photoshop, and so my journey began. I worked for six years as a graphic designer at a design agency and for five years as art director in an international management consultancy company. I have also worked freelance on numerous projects from strategy to complete project management and implementation.

My eyes are still open …

With Passion

“Amy Bradley is as American as American can get. Though after almost 30 years in Germany she is the most “German” American you can imagine. She has managed to combine the best of both worlds and turn them into something better.

Her willingness to react quickly to changes is as much a part of her work as the ability to improvise and yet remain goal-oriented. Amy Bradley is disciplined, stringent and very knowledgeable. Qualities that you always find in people who are really good at laterally changing their careers.
Amy Bradley is one of those people who are determined to succeed. So her creative will is pronounced, and whether it’s graphic design, image editing or web design – she’s in top form!”

– Hans-Joachim Ellerbrock, filmmaker and photographer

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